Test claim

To: add recepient

From: add sender

tel. add phone number


add date signed contract number add number of contract.

According to the terms of the contract, you have a debt in the amount of add amount owed.

According to article 123 of the Civil Code as well as the contract concluded between us

Текст нормы закона скрыт в целях защиты авторского права на документ. В окончательном документе, после оплаты, будет полный и актуальный текст.
you are obliged to pay the debt within Choose just one.

If you ignore my demands, I will go to court for the protection of legal rights, demanding payment of a forfeit, a fine, as well as the cost of paying state duties, representative services, postage and other expenses.


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Цена у юриста 5 000
Цена сейчас 390
Купон успешно активирован